CCCS of Greater Greensboro

Consumer Credit Counseling Service (CCCS) of Greater Greensboro is a division of Family Service of the Piedmont.

Our goal is to assist families and individuals resolve financial problems by avoiding bankruptcy through budget counseling, credit counseling, housing counseling, and debt solver programs. Through these efforts we can help you to achieve your financial goals and regain a sense of financial well being. All counseling services through CCCS of Greater Greensboro are free of charge.

CCCS offers:

  • Professional Advice: all of our counselors are nationally certified by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling.
  • Budget Counseling: to establish and meet financial goals through savings, and manage spending for basic expenses.
  • Credit Counseling: to help families establish good credit, choose the right credit, and use credit wisely.
  • Housing Counseling and Education: we are a HUD certified housing counseling agency providing advice before and after you buy your home, default resolution counseling, and reverse mortgage counseling.
  • Debt Management Program: a viable alternative to bankruptcy, providing a consolidated and responsible way to pay creditors and become debt free within 48-60 months.
  • Free workshops each month to help build a financially healthy community.

Understanding the IMPACT of Financial Difficulty

On Families: Families with poor money management pay too much for credit, make poor purchasing decisions, and cannot adjust to income disruptions or job loss. There is a potential loss of personal possessions (repossessions by creditors), and the ability to get credit in emergencies. There is a lost opportunity for home ownership, personal improvement (education), and investment. Arguments over money break down family communications, and often trigger counter productive behaviors such as substance abuse.

On Society: Increasing losses due to default and bankruptcy force creditors to raise the cost of credit to those who do pay on time. Separation and divorce over money issues results in single parent households with a higher likelihood of poverty and significant repercussions for children.

CCCS provided more than 4,400 one-on-one financial counseling last year, and educated an additional 2,000 people through its free workshops and community outreach events.

After receiving services, 94% of client families said they were paying their bills on time; 76% said their debt load was decreasing; and 65% reported the ability to save money.

Out of work homeowners may qualify for the Mortgage Payment Program to help keep up with home payments while searching or training for a new job. Since starting the program in December 2010, CCCS has helped more than 720 local families receive approximately $13 million in mortgage payment assistance.

DISCLAIMER: The diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric disorders requires trained professionals. The information provided here is to be used for educational purposes only. It should not be used as a substitute for seeking professional care for the diagnosis and/or treatment of any mental or psychiatric disorder.