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Outpatient Mental Health Services

Family Service of the Piedmont’s Outpatient Mental Health Services provide individualized, person-centered therapeutic services for children and adults with behavioral health concerns.

Outpatient Mental health clients are offered comprehensive clinical assessments in order to diagnose and to develop their treatment plan. Clients may receive group therapy, individual therapy, or a mixture of both. All therapeutic services are provided by licensed staff. The agency provides Outpatient Mental Health services at its facilities in Greensboro and High Point, and offers services morning, afternoon and evening. Clients may set appointments or simply walk in for service.

Outpatient Mental health clients are also assessed for inclusion in Family Service’s Integrated Care Program.

Services are designed to teach clients techniques for symptom management; educate clients about their diagnosis; link clients to available services they may choose to engage; and provide support for clients’ ongoing recovery efforts.


Outpatient Mental Health impacts the community by supporting clients in their recovery journey, allowing them to remain in the community with their families. Safe and healthy families are the foundation of any community; Family Service’s Outpatient Mental Health program fosters healthy families in the communities we serve.

Timely and effective treatment services are key to avoiding the more serious consequences of mental health issues, which create costs at all levels of society.

Statistics and Outcomes

The latest North Carolina Community Systems Progress Report estimates 20,865 adults in Guilford County are in need of mental health counseling, but only 10,095 are being served.

Last year more than 3,900 children and adults received Outpatient Mental Health services at Family Service of the Piedmont.

78% of clients reported improvement in their presenting problems. 73% of clients had improvement in their Global Assessment of Functioning Scale scores, indicating improvement in many life domains.

More than 2,200 people received walk-in assessments for mental health counseling at Family Service’s offices without an appointment.

Every $1 spent on Outpatient Mental Health services saves the community $6 in emergency room and in-patient costs.

Read One Client’s Story

DISCLAIMER: The diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric disorders requires trained professionals. The information provided here is to be used for educational purposes only. It should not be used as a substitute for seeking professional care for the diagnosis and/or treatment of any mental or psychiatric disorder.