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Articles and Press Releases

Family Service of the Piedmont in the News:

[4.30312] Passed Along Debt (WFMY News 2)

[2.28.12] Should There Be A Murder Registry? (WFMY News2)

[2.8.12] Parents Must Protect Kids Against Predators (WFMY News2)

[1.24.12] Consumer Credit Counselors Can Help You Improve Your Credit Score (WFMY News 2)

[1.19.12] Greensboro Police Want Special Unit to Address Domestic Violence (Fox8 WGHP)

[1.4.12] Budgeting Resolutions (WFMY News2)

[12.7.11] Don’t Let Your Child’s Credit Card Ruin Your Credit (WFMY News2)

[11.28.11] Counselor: High Profile Cases of Sexual Abuse Help Victims Speak Out (Fox8 WGHP)

[11.21.11] Children in our care deserve to be believed (News & Record)

[11.21.11] Five Things To Do Before Leaving Home On Black Friday (WFMY News2)

[11.16.11] Editorial: The Sins of Silence (News & Record)

[11.16.11] Agencies host celebration of families (High Point Enterprise)

[11.16.11] Guilford Foreclosures Accellerate, but New Filings are Down (YES! Weekly)

[11.12.11] Sorority Organizes Krispy Kreme Challenge at High Point University (Fox8 WGHP)

[11.12.11] Krispy Kreme Challenge In High Point Raised $3K Toward Child Abuse Prevention (WFMY News2)

[11.10.11] How To Teach Your Children About Money (WFMY News2)

[11.9.11] Child Abuse Victims Often Hushed by ‘Secrecy,’ Social Worker Says (Fox8 WGHP)

[10.22.11] Free Shred-A-Thons Held Across The State, Saturday (WFMY News2)

[10.20.11] Reducing Debt (Fox8 WGHP)

[10.20.11] Planning For Holiday Debt Equals Less Stress (WFMY News2)

[10.17.11] What to do about credit card offers (Fox8 WGHP)

[10.16.11] Family Service honorees ‘rekindle the soul’ (High Point Enterprise)

[8.30.11] Understanding The Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009 (WFMY News2)

[8.16.11] Child Advocate Weighs In: Discipline Vs. Abuse (WFMY News2)

[8.16.11] Furnitureland South teams with PGA Tour Wives to help agency (Furniture Today)

[8.16.11] Furnitureland South and PGA TOUR Wives Association Partner to Benefit Local Charity (Furniture World Magazine)

[8.16.11] Furnitureland South Renovates Spaces for Family Services (Home Furnishings Business)

[8.10.11] Touching base: Watt visits kids’ community garden during city tour (High Point Enterprise)

[8.3.11] Second annual Jamestown Pig Pickin’ aids Family Service of the Piedmont (Jamestown News)

[7.12.11] Most Americans Aren’t Financially Prepared For An Emergency (WFMY News2)

[6.21.11] Jamestown’s social calendar red-inks July 30 pig pickin’ (Jamestown News)

[6.12.11] Editorial: Stop the violence (News & Record)

[5.18.11] Report of assault opens up discussion (News & Record)

[5.18.11] Lack Of Evidence, No Charges Against Wake Basketball Player (WFMY News2)

[4.4.11] New medical center to improve physical, mental health (News 14 Carolina)

[3.31.11] Moses Cone will open new HIV/AIDS assistance center (News & Record)

[3.21.11] Program aims to help abused, neglected children heal (High Point Enterprise)

[3.13.11] Fundraising season blossoms with spring (High Point Enterprise)

[02.09.11] Triad Weighs In On Controversial Georgia Bill Affecting Rape Victims (WFMY News2)

[02.06.11] Savvy Shopper: Sales to help nonprofit (News & Record)

[01.21.11] Lighting it up: N. Main Street luminaries reflect support for loved ones (High Point Enterprise)

[01.04.11] How to fix a blown budget (WFMY News2)

[01.04.11] Clinic to aid those in danger of foreclosure (Lexington Dispatch)

[12.29.10] Make a Resolution for Financial Stability in 2011 (Press Release)

[12.10.10] Don’t Let the Grinch – or Anyone Else – Steal Your Identity (Press Release)

[12.06.10] Grant helps fund safe place for kids (High Point Enterprise)

[12.03.10] Greensboro United Way donor wins new car (High Point Enterprise)

[12.03.10] Jobless homeowners to get mortgage help (News & Record)

[12.03.10] Love Serving Love: Tennis Players Show Support for Families in Crisis (Press Release)

[12.01.10] New law helps victims of domestic violence (WFMY News2)

[11.01.10] Golf Tournament Raises Funds for Family Service (Press Release)

[10.13.10] Protect Your Identity Online and with Community Shredding Event (Press Release)

[10.13.10] Shanet Moore Gets Help For Her Children’s Education (Video: WFMY News2)

[10.8.10] Local volunteer receives Julia B Nile for Love of Family Award (High Point Enterprise)

[10.6.10] What If Domestic Violence Erupts At Your Workplace? (WFMY News2)

[10.6.10] Commentary: Wake’s Woods runs legal fast break (News & Record)

[9.17.10] Editorial: Carpenter House funds are crucial (High Point Enterprise)

[9.16.10] State Restores Funding to Domestic Violence Shelter (High Point Enterprise)

[09.10.10] Guilford County’s Two Domestic Violence Shelters Saved (WFMY News2)

[09.09.10] Shelter Fights for dollars: Family Service board member optimistic funding will be restored (High Point Enterprise)

[09.06.10] Funding Cuts Hurt Domestic Violence Shelter in High Point (Fox8 WGPH)

[08.28.10] Triad domestic violence plans facing state cut (News & Record)

[08.26.10] US Congressman Howard Coble to Visit Clara House Domestic Violence Shelter (Press Release)

[07.28.10] Tsunami Wave Riders perform at pig-pickin’ fundraiser (Jamestown News)

[07.26.10] Clinic to help residents avoid foreclosure (Thomasville Times)

[07.11.10] Jamestown Pig Pickin’ to aid Family Service (News & Record)

[07.06.10] Program helps couple keep home (Lexington Dispatch)

[06.30.10] Help’s available for seniors with mortgage woes (Lexington Dispatch)

[06.10.10] Magnolia Farm to be site of pig-pickin’ fundraiser (Jamestown News)

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