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The Julia B. Nile For Love of Family AwardThe Julia B. Nile For Love of Family Award is presented each year by Family Service of Greensboro Foundation and Family Service of High Point Foundation. The Award represents the highest honor given to individuals from Greensboro and High Point who make a significant impact on Family Service of the Piedmont and their community in helping to build safe and healthy families.

2015 Julia B. Nile For Love of Family Award Winners
High Point: Pete Callahan
Greensboro: Charisse Daly Kleinman

Previous Award Winners
2000: Shirley Spears (Greensboro), Jack and Marsha Slane (High Point)
2001: Leah Tannenbaum (Greensboro), Doris Deal (High Point)
2002: Sally Weeks (Greensboro), Keith Clark (High Point)
2003: Kay Cashion (Greensboro), David R. Hayworth (High Point)
2004: Pete and Pat Cross (Greensboro), Jim and Jesse Millis (High Point)
2005: Robert Hager (Greensboro), Carroll Ann Miller (High Point)
2006: Kim Ketchum (Greensboro), Michael Smith (High Point)
2007: Rebecca Schlosser (Greensboro), Jeff Horney (High Point)
2008: Robin Tyler (Greensboro), Bill Horney (High Point)
2009: Judy Frederick (Greensboro), Tim and Linda Ilderton (High Point)
2010: Lynn Black (Greensboro), Elizabeth Finch (High Point)
2011: Sunny Lawson (Greensboro), Lin Amos (High Point)
2012: Frosty and Catharine Culp (High Point), Paul Kennedy (Greensboro)
2013: Courtney Best (High Point), Lynne Owens Gladstone (Greensboro)
2014: Katherine Covington (High Point), Clay Smith (Greensboro)

The C.A.R.E. Award is presented twice each year to a Family Service staff member, selected by their peers, who exemplifies the agency’s Core Values in action: Respect, Integrity, Compassion, Commitment, and Excellence.

2014-2015 C.A.R.E. Award Winners
LaMonica Mitchell, Fairview Family Resource Center Education Coordinator
Andrea Matute, Incredible Years Program Coordinator

Previous Award Winners
Laura Taylor, Intake Services Manager
Patti Gilbert, Prevention Education Coordinator
Steve Barton, Facilities Manager
Beth Talley, Intake Specialist
Sonya Desai, Intake Specialist
Sara Gordon, Hispanic Outreach Coordinator
Sue Spidell, Director of In-Home Services
Joe Martin, IT Manager
Rayvone Poole, Community Support Coordinator
Annia Cuebas, Community Support Specialist
Diane Sutton, Accounts Receivable Specialist
Diane Spurgeon, Lead Administrative Services Rep
Andrea Huckabee, Family Preservation Program Manager
Chris Rockwell, Records Administrator
Joanne DeTiere, Coordinator of Shelter Services
Angela Parker, Crisis Intervention Advocate
Angel Boyd, Healthy Start Program Manager
Kim Martin, Telehealth Specialist
Holly Laffer, Family Preservation Therapist
Theresa Johnson, Director of Family Counseling Services
Sarah Hutchinson, CCCS Program Manager
Justin Krick, Intake Supervisor

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